Job offer

Web Designer ⁄ Web Developer

(Male / Female)

To cope with the strong growth of our agency, we are actively looking for:

A web star: WordPress + Frontend + Designer + Developer 80-100% (M/F)

We are only looking for a web enthusiast who:

  • has experience (creation of several dozen websites)
  • has an ability to understand customer demands
  • is able to see if the customer is wrong and propose a better alternative for him
  • is self-taught (we don't care about your diplomas)
  • is autonomous and very resourceful (you find always a solution)
  • is comfortable on the phone, in video-conferencing or in a session with a client
  • is bored to death in his current job (this is optional)
  • made personal projects on the web just because he likes it
  • is rigorous and pays attention to detail
  • has a sense of aesthetics (no need to be a graphic designer or to have gone to art school)
  • knows how SEO works (no need to be an international expert though)
  • worked in an agency (preferably)
  • mastery of WordPress (a big plus)
  • is able to write content based on terse elements from the client (a plus)
  • has other web-related qualities (any experience is welcome... ads, ux, marketing, social media, etc.)
  • is used to working on a Mac (a plus)

This position is not for you if:

  • The most important thing for you is not to be late for work at 5pm
  • The web is not really a deep passion for you
  • You need to be told what to do or how to do your job
  • You don't know how to do something if no one taught you how to do it
  • Some of the following terms are unfamiliar to you:
    bash, wordpress, php, stripe, bootstrap, elementor, caniuse, adwords, html5, seo, cms, float: left, photoshop, flexbox, browserstack, js, live-chat, webp, dns, lightbox, analytics, mysql, woocommerce, mailchimp, ssh, jquery, css, search console, opera, ie, media queries, stackoverflow, checkout, png, data attributes, responsive-design, upsell

We are a young and passionate team, and have always put the result at the top of our priorities. Our clients are important to us and we always defend their interests (even if we have to advise them to go to another agency). The aesthetics, the level of finish and the smooth running of a website are fundamental for us. Not by client demand, but by ethics.

We are demanding, but we are grateful: overtime paid or taken back, flexible on vacations and vacations, progressive salary, skills and efficiencies recognized and valued, telecommuting...

Please send your application here, if you figure out how to do it:

noxup sàrl
Boulevard des Eplatures 46th
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds

Please note that we receive many applications and that any request sent to, or via the form at the bottom of the page, or by post, as well as any telephone call BEFORE applying for a job, will not be accepted. will be totally ignored and you will get no response from us.. If you want to apply, you need to find out how. Moreover, only applications in French will be processed.