An e-commerce

connected to Winbiz

Setting up an e-commerce site is like opening a new store in a big city.

Except that the city is the Internet, and the logistics are much more complex because they are less obvious.

You want to set up an e-commerce site to develop your business? And you already have Winbiz in place in your company?

This is not the worst idea, because you can connect Winbiz to the e-commerce system to get all the product data you want to publish, with the right prices, the right barcodes, and all the right information that are already in Winbiz.

In addition, the automatic transmission of e-commerce orders to Winbiz allows you to avoid unnecessary additional data entry

(we always like to save time, right?)

But beware, many e-commerce systems seem to be able to connect to any ERP or management software such as Winbiz, but this often requires additional costly developments.

(so ask people who have some experience to avoid ending up with 20x more fees than you expected)

And also, the energy necessary to set up an e-commerce which runs correctly (thus profitable) is very often underestimated by the companies.

You really have to think about opening a new physical store. So instead of real estate agents, masons, painters, electricians, carpenters, etc., you need to hire graphic designers, developers, data specialists and also ERP/management software specialists.

(this being said, it is a little easier, because you can find all these people directly in one agency, and moreover if they are used to this type of project, you will be well accompanied) 

Want to discuss your project? Please contact us.

(however, do not take it at the last minute because our e-commerce team is busy, and we take requests in order of arrival)